Eco Friendly Prefabricated Homes

For the quickest possible turnaround for your new Eco home, EPC Buildings offer a range of customisable prefabricated homes across East Anglia.

We perform modular building construction off site, and can build prefab homes of all sizes, then transport them directly to you for a prompt installation. These readymade homes are designed to offer a completely modern lifestyle, and can be customised so you can truly make it your own. Any size, shape and style!

A modular home is made of smaller module units, and these can be added together in many variations to create a property which suits your specific lifestyle. Opting for a modular, factory-built home reduces construction and waiting time; there’s no waste or disruption, either – a far cry from traditional home construction methods.

Our prefab homes also come installed with the necessary renewable utility equipment. These range from air or ground heat pumps to solar powered heating, efficient ventilation units and more. We work with meticulous care to ensure every inch of your prefab home is as high performance and energy efficient as can be.

To find out more about the range of factory-built homes we have to offer customers in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and beyond, simply contact us today.