PV Batteries

Photovoltaic (PV) along with battery storage are the perfect companion to your solar thermal heating system. Whether your new build home is off the grid by choice or by circumstance, using PV battery storage to supplement your energy supply is one of the most eco-friendly decisions you can make.

At EPC Buildings, we can provide solar and batteries tailored to the requirements of your Eco home.

PV and batteries will store energy generated throughout the day, allowing you to use it later on in the evening – instead of sending excess electricity back to the grid.

Working closely with you, we plan for solar power and, therefore, the addition of battery storage from an early stage. Whether you’re self building, opting for a prefab construction or otherwise, PV and batteries can become an integral part of your sustainable lifestyle.

If you’re interested in the supply of solar and battery storage for your Eco home, or if you’d like to arrange for a free quotation with us, simply contact us today. We operate across East Anglia, including Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and beyond – and we’re always happy to help.