Eco Homes in Essex - Follow The Eco Trend All The Way Home

The emergence of Eco homes has fast become a popular trend among homeowners, are you about to follow the eco trend all the way home?

In recent times, a new generation of house builders are building with the planet in mind. With financial and greener benefits being a huge factor in its popularity.

On the whole, we have grown more environmentally conscious, and this has seen an increase in Eco Homes within the UK.

According to the World Green Building Trends 2018 Smart Market Report, Great Britain comes in at 13th out 20 countries for eco-building, with both residential and commercial projects focusing on their carbon footprint.

As per individual requirements, Eco homes are bespoke built in all shapes and sizes. Materials such as: wood, hemp and concrete, alongside recycled and reclaimed materials are a popular alternative to the norm of bricks and mortar.

Nonetheless, it’s not only the environment that benefits from your Eco home build. The growing popularity of renewable materials is in fact cheaper, meaning that there is little way of an excuse not to contribute towards the future of Earth.

Furthermore, investing in an environmentally-friendly home can also be financially worthwhile, with many people reaping the rewards a lot sooner than originally expected. For example, Heating can cost considerably less per year than a traditional new build you may be accustomed to.

Not only do we at EPC Buildings design, supply and install SIP homes and modular buildings, but we also account for the various required renewables for eco homes – dedicated ventilation, heating solutions and solar installations. We aim to design and build a long-lasting, energy efficient home that exceeds your expectations.

Here’s how our comprehensive process works:

  • Design: Our architects will work with you to design a bespoke Eco home that offers everything you need from a sustainable property. If you have your own plans for a self build project, we can collaborate with you and help to fine-tune your concepts.
  • Supply: We build your home at our site, cutting SIPs or constructing building modules to the agreed specifications and ensuring every inch of your new home is constructed with absolute precision – including internal finishes and renewable fittings. We can deliver and erect on site – as well as off site, if the project requires it
  • Installations: Once everything is constructed and ready, we transport it to your site and install it for you, ensuring a quick turnaround with minimal disruption, waste, impact to the environment. Our process also reduces health and safety risks.

Whilst the UK’s current housing shortage is forcing larger developers to maximise unit production whilst minimising cost, there is a definite push from the Government to encourage self-building, particularly of an environmentally-friendly kind.

Whilst sustainable, low-energy homes have been somewhat limited to self-build properties, the market is changing, and developers are offering a greater range of options to buyers than ever before.

At EPC Buildings, we pride ourselves on providing an attentive and modern design service for eco homes in Essex & across East Anglia. We work closely with you to design a high performance, sustainable home that suits your lifestyle, then we follow through on that design with prompt and professional supply and installation services.

If you would like to learn more about our green building supply and installation service for eco homes in essex – or would like to arrange a free quotation with us simply contact our friendly team today.