MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) & Heat Recovery

The inside of an eco home – particularly one constructed using SIPs – will be much more airtight than traditionally constructed homes. While that’s great news for your energy bills, you’ll also need to think about proper ventilation.

At EPC Buildings, we provide MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery) systems to supply your home with a reliable, effective and efficient ventilation solution.

Whether you’re self building, enlisting our in-house design services, or choosing a prefab home, your MVHR system is an essential consideration.

MVHR systems work by taking warm, damp air from within the home, from rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, recovering it through a heat exchanger, then circulating it back through into your living areas. The result is cleaner, fresher air being delivered in an entirely sustainable way.

We work closely with you to ensure your ventilation system is routed and installed to support the efficient, eco-friendly nature of your new property.

With meticulous attention to detail, you can be sure that your Eco home will perform to its full potential, with a ventilation system that is designed around your needs.

To discuss your Eco home new build project and its specific MVHR ventilation requirements, simply contact our friendly team today.