Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy allows you to take heating and hot water supply into your own hands, and EPC Buildings can design, supply and install an efficient solar thermal system to suit your new Eco home-build.

Whether it’s a SIPs-based or modular home, a solar thermal system will allow your property to fully meet its energy-efficient potential. Using a solar heater for your hot water and heating system means you’re minimising your carbon footprint and investing fully into a sustainable lifestyle.

Our solar thermal systems come in the form of flat plate collectors fitted to your roof, or evacuated tubes integrated into the roof. Both of these systems bring efficient, high performance, delivering hot water and heating to your home all year round.

You can also supplement your solar thermal system with PV and battery storage, to further your energy independence.

If you’d like to discuss your solar powered Eco home with us, or want to arrange for a free quotation, simply contact our friendly team today. We operate across East Anglia – including Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and beyond – and are always happy to help.